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What happens when I play bass over the bass of my guitar?

Can I have an unplugged bass?

Can I plug in my bass with different gear?

How do I pick out a bass?

What kind of bass are I getting?

Can I play live with a bass?

How fast am I tapping the strings?

How do guitars sound?

What kind of pickups are my guitars sounding like?

Can I go to a show with my guitars?

What about the tone controls?

What do I put at the bottom of the guitar cavity?

Where is the pickguard?

How much can I make my guitar sound different?

Can I fix my guitar’s bottom?

When should I use a humbucker?

Can I play the guitar in electric mode?

Is the bridge too low?

Can I play the guitar in the electric mode?

Can I play the guitar at a small concert without anyone noticing?

Will the neck play like the guitar I bought or are my ears deceiving me?

What sort of woods do I need to choose for my guitar?

What will the guitar’s body do when I play it?

Can I play the neck while carrying the guitar?

What kind of wiring does my guitar have?

How will the neck sound playing bass?

Will the bottom of my guitar be covered by a bag?

What kind of cover are you going to have on the guitar?

Where do I put the neck?

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Will the fingerboard fit my guitar?

Are your pickups in the right place?

Are your pickups loud enough?

Why do I need so many switches?

How do I keep track of my pickups?

There are so many guitars but which one are the best suited for what I’m playing?

If the guitar looks too busy what happens?

How should I pick the right place for my pickguard?

How do I fix the edge of the pickguard?

Do I have to buy an extra pickguard?

What are the best pickups for the instrument I’m buying?

Does the fretboard get hot or sweaty on the fretboard?

Is the neck too close to the body?

Is the neck too short?

Will my neck feel too stiff

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