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There is no perfect instrument, which is why we need a way to measure how good an instrument is. The best way to measure a violin is to ask the listener how it is going to sound.

How to put a ‘score’ on a violin?

In the world of violin, a score is a description of the performance and the way the musician felt. It usually contains one or more measures such as the duration, pitch and range (frequency of the notes). If the violin player is feeling too good or too bad at a particular performance, you will know by what the score and the player are feeling.

How do we go about getting music scores?

We have the Internet for all that! You can search for a violin score on the Internet or call the manufacturer and ask about the score or instrument. Most manufacturers have online web pages where a large quantity of samples of a violin can be ordered. Please note- the results are not exact, and there are variations in how they sound and how they are shaped.

How do we get a violin score?

You may use the Internet for this. But you should also look to the manufacturers of the instruments, so that you can get a better feel for how the instrument is made and what the player felt, too. You may also choose to ask a violin specialist who speaks both French and English.

How many players are there each year?

Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself! At the University of Ottawa , for example, there are about 600 students studying to play violin. If you go to the concert of the University of Ottawa , you will probably see a variety of instruments in the orchestra.

Which is harder, guitar or violin, and who thinks it is easier?

The answer is: it depends on the size of the orchestra, how long the piece of music is, and the difficulty. If the player is feeling tired or nervous, he or she is not going to like the music. If a conductor or conductor’s student is feeling frustrated, the result will probably be worse. It depends entirely on the person.

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What is a violins best feature and what is not so good?

Like a piano, violins are a very musical instrument- they have wonderful qualities for the mind and the body of the player. A violin also has many advantages for the musician: you can practice playing the piece of music easily, you can be easily confident of making good notes.

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