Should I get a tenor or concert ukulele?

This varies somewhat.

You’ll need the guitar’s volume to match its instrument. If you need to get the ukulele’s volume to match some of the guitar’s strings, you will need to purchase a tenor or concert ukulele and buy them a different set of strings (or a different guitar with different strings). I tend to recommend using a tenor because it’s less expensive. Plus, tenor ukuleles have better quality basses in them than concert ukuleles.

However, if you plan on going from the bass to an instrument like the flute, the concert ukulele is the only one you can go with.
Beginner Ukulele Chord Chart - SongMaven

Is there a best string to string?

The most popular strings to use, at least for me, are D-5 and D-5, since D-5 is an ideal gauge and D-5 is an excellent bridge weight (1.15 – 1.35 ounces). There’s some debate about this, but personally, I recommend D-5 to get the cleanest sound and the widest range of tuning.

I recommend using one of your standard tunings (A-flat, A-major, D-flat, A-natural, D-flat minor, D-natural minor or G-flat major) when buying my ukuleles. However, it’s fine to use a different tuning if you want a deeper sound in the bass and/or if you want to take it to a higher tuning for instrument playing.

You can use whatever tuning you like for instrument tuning (A-flat major, A-natural, D-flat minor, G-flat major or G-natural minor).

Is this all I need?

If you’re only going to take it to a couple of gigs a year, and aren’t planning on making it a regular guitar, the ukulele might be the way to go. It’s cheap, light, quick to get started and a very fun instrument.

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