What is the fastest way to switch chords on a ukulele?

While it is true that some ukulele players use the ‘chord wheel’ to help find chords, the chord number for ukulele chords is usually shown on the headstock. The only way to easily change this is by ear. To do so, simply play a note out loud and make a note on the uke’s bridge to mark the chords you want to play.

Can I use the chord wheel with my ukulele?

The answer is No, using the wheel is not a method of “learning chord names”, it is just a convenient addition to your ukulele picking skills. A real ukulele player will be able to find their uke’s specific chord(s) with no extra work.

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Pioneers on the frontier

In February 1914, a letter from London was intercepted by the British Secret Service, and sent to Napoleon Bonaparte. Written by John T. Russell, the letter read: “On February 20. At 2 P M. I have taken the lead of the group of scouts which went to Russia to take part in the French expeditionary force. By chance I have discovered that some American cavalry in the camp is making up to me. I shall be back this afternoon; the others will be sent out as before, I trust.”

The letter was forwarded to Admiral Sir Robert Bruce on June 7, but Bruce didn’t know that it belonged to Britain. Two days later, the United States and Great Britain declared war on Germany, and the British Expeditionary Force joined the United States in an unprecedented offensive, which saw the first Allied landing in Europe since World War I.

Fears of sabotage

An American observer on a reconnaissance mission sent back to Washington wrote to his superiors just three short hours after the Allies landed on D-Day: “We had been instructed by a general to keep the Germans at a distance. Our mission is to follow the route. Our men are in the trenches. The German tank regiment is lying in wait on the other side of the line; there is a machine-gun crew in the trench opposite where we are.” The observers were instructed to continue on but were told that they would soon have to turn back when German troops approached. But just