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I have been thinking about getting a ukulele. They’re great for taking and playing music, and they’re nice to carry around in a purse. I have heard of a guy buying one for his daughter but there are no prices I can think of. Would you want to go with a small ukulele (like a Steinway) over a big one? My girlfriend’s old uke plays a lot better to both our ears than my daughter’s old uke. Any advice? Thanks

A: This is really a good question. I do like my old Steinway and even though I don’t care so much for a particular size, I get the feeling that someone will have a much easier time buying a good instrument than you will. The best advice I can give you is to find a good ukulele first. You need to be able to tell what you’re looking for out of a ukulele from the ones at the store. Then go look at them. If you don’t like the sound, don’t pick one. If your mother-in-law has an ukulele that’s too good to pass up, maybe she could put some words in the comment section on this blog where you can say, “Well, Mom-in-law says, ‘I’m not sure what I like about that instrument, but I love this one so much. I just can’t decide.'” This could be a good opportunity to find a different instrument. If you really don’t feel like picking a new instrument, then just go with a ukulele and you’ll be happy.

Q: I have been looking for the answer to this question for awhile and have always felt a little lost. My dad plays his old uke and has told me that he is trying to get my sister into it. They are great together, but it has always seemed like he has to play it to me to feel me coming in. It seems like an extra burden. However, I have been thinking that I cannot just throw him any old uke and just give him whatever he wants. I would love to try one of my dad’s instruments (and I have heard those are really sweet) in a more friendly, comfortable manner so that I can actually see how someone plays and feel the tension of the sound. Thanks for any


A: My father once told me that he played one of his son’s piano solos for him while I was driving him. My father

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