What do you call someone that plays the bass? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Easy Beginner

I call him the Bassist.

What did you do to get yourself started?

I had an idea that was so strong I couldn’t believe I’d been able to execute it for 15 years. It was about a guy who got off a bus and he’s standing in the middle of the dark tunnel, and he’s thinking about how to get out and about what he has. He picks something up and he’s thinking hard about what he should do, and one day he says to himself “what I want is a bass for $100.”

So what does it take, how do you start playing bass, and why does your bass sound like a car?

As I said I had this deep, inner voice, which is sometimes called the Bassist voice, and it was such a powerful piece of songwriting when I put down that idea it was impossible to explain with words. My friend Chris and I were in our car on the way home from a show one summer night, and I got into that mood of the moment, and I really got into this song, and my friend just happened to be driving. He was right there.

You’re a singer. How many hits is it you’ve scored? Who’s your favorite?

I’ve scored a lot of hits and they’re usually a lot slower. A lot of those tracks I’ve written are just one take performances in a live room, and there are a lot of songs I played on the road with guys that I’ve always admired, so I’m very pleased they liked it.

What do you say to people who think you’re “lucky” to have gotten into music at the young age you did?

I think I am lucky that I’ve had so much time to work on music, to be an instrumentalist, and to be in the world. It’s something else when you have a job. I don’t think I’m lucky in any way.

What does it take to open a show?

Everybody likes to have their part, but also you gotta come to grips with yourself being there, and in the audience. It’s one of the hardest things for people to come to grips with, to be at a show where they’re not the center or most of the excitement is on the sidelines, and for everyone else to feel it and be there.

How do you like music and do you like to work on it?

I play guitar, and I

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