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The ukulele size that I use (26.5 inch, 5 string) is a fantastic instrument for jazz playing and acoustic playing. It is comfortable and gives a good sound but it’s not the most powerful instrument to play with. It can be played with a few strings (15, 10, etc) that is what I prefer. Also, if you want to play a lot of chord changes, you might as well take your pick. I find the 26.5 inch size is the right compromise if you want to play lots of chords. There are some other string sizes available that are easier to play with (32, 25.5, and 24 inches length).

What is an average size fingerboard?

The fingerboard size for my ukulele is an interesting question that I have had to answer multiple times over the years. For some reason, it changes every couple of years. One of the earliest fingerboards that I use is one that has a 22 inch width and is a standard length fingerboard and a flat top. I have a set of 6 other fingerboard sizes that I use with that, and they all have similar length fingerboards. There are some fingerboards where the fingerboard width has been reduced so that each peg and a string is on the same peg-head as the lower peg. If you are in a situation where you want to switch to a different fingerboard size (for example, the lower peg is shorter than the upper peg) and the lower peg is on a different peg-head than the upper peg, then you will be using a smaller size to play with. If you are using a standard length (22 inch) fingerboard which has a 25 inch fingerboard, then you will be using a smaller size. If you are using a standard length fingerboard with only one peg at the bottom there is a 5 inch gap between the string and the peg head, and that fingerboard will be slightly larger. It is like trying to play a 2 inch chord using a 15 inch peg-head and that fingerboard size.

How long are the strings and tuners of my ukulele?
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When I first started playing my ukulele, the string tension was 5.00 Nm, which was a lot for my time and playing style. This is standard for most jazz instrument makers. As I went through my “learning curve,” I played with 4.5 to 5.0 Nm tension, which was a great

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