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An emo-basher, because it is a bass that plays emo and its a bass that is loud at the same time. So it has a personality of its own. So it’s a bass that plays emo and that’s part of its culture. So that’s what you call it.”

“This is a bad day for the bass industry.” he said at the time , referring to Eminem’s song ‘Freestyle 4’.

But in March this year, it was revealed that Diddy’s former manager will be stepping down this summer. Since taking the helm of the management company in the summer of 2015, Diddy has now been promoted to chairman of Eazy-E’s management company Eazy E’s Management . In August, the new boss said that his company had signed a deal to sign artists to their label and that the label’s management company Tidal had bought into the music rights to them on a massive scale. At the time Diddy said: “I have a long, long history with them. They have done so much for the industry that I’m excited to go in the direction that they want and really I know this is the right way to go.”

“As we are in the final weeks of 2016,” Obama said in the statement, “we are making the important decision to take military action against Syria and Iran.”

Iran has said that it remains a party to the agreement, but that the United States has violated the spirit of the accord by not suspending implementation of key elements of the pact that it was agreed upon.

“President-elect Trump wants more trouble with Iran and more trouble for the United States,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, head of the Iranian parliament’s foreign policy committee, before the vote. “But it is up to him to demonstrate that he has an effective way to do so.”

The accord is now largely unchallenged as a potential obstacle to Trump’s policies, in part because they call for rolling back some of the Obama administration’s most aggressive policies toward Iran.

Trump, in his election platform, vowed to review “America’s policy of strategic, economic, and military domination of the globe.” He accused foreign policy experts of being “dumb” and said the United States should focus on rebuilding nations instead of building military bases.


Secretary of State John F. Kerry said on Wednesday that Trump must show “sufficient flexibility” to make good on his campaign promises. While Mr. Trump repeatedly has expressed

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