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This is the most common answer.

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Well, in the spirit of learning guitar, I decided to find out. My test was to learn how to play chords and not get so confused everytime I get to play a C#min chord. I decided to go with a fairly strict format, no open strings, just open to G#, D, G and Bm. The only exceptions would be the C and D in the last line. I was so good at this part that when I get an idea of a chord shape, I can find it, then just start playing it without thinking too much and it happens instantly.

Let’s take a look at the final results.

All in all, this took 3 months of playing the chords with my uke on and I really enjoyed this. I hope you feel like this is an introduction into the joy of learning chord in one go and in this case, that means not learning a ton of chords to be memorised.

I also recommend doing it with the guitar in your hands as it is really helpful to avoid the brain fatigue of remembering chords on the fretboard. I am also really enjoying the ability to control the chord changes and keep different chords coming out of my neck everytime I change chords.

The only thing that didn’t work out so well was the idea of learning the chords in one go. This is a problem for lots of people, especially if they use their uke as their main guitar. A quick glance at my neck guitar at work shows a great amount of chord sequences, especially when I pick up chords for my rhythm part. The first few days when I learned a full sequence of chords, I used my uke only to memorise those chords. Over the weeks and months later, it really helps to switch it up between a uke and guitar to learn chords.

I am thinking of creating a video series that will cover every single type of chord. If anyone has any ideas on which kind of chords I can tackle, please leave a comment. If you feel like I should do a tutorial, just leave a comment below.

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