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In the first post on my new page, I explained what I do, and what problems I find myself having while experimenting with my new technique, and my frustrations as an average person trying to learn this stuff. In the second post, I’d like to briefly introduce some people who are probably more familiar with the system and some of the problems that are encountered.

The purpose of this third part is to clarify the differences between a classical method, and an experimental system, and to explain to you what I mean when I say to “push” a pattern with your tongue and the body.

I know more about classical playing but that’s just because I’ve been playing this music for almost 30 years. I’ve started working on improvisation but I can’t stop now (or at least not for very long). This blog is a way to keep myself going, to learn more about improvising, and what I mean when I say that I’ll never get enough practice in the studio.

Anyway, let’s get started!

How to Learn This System:

Well, first things first: you can’t teach anyone how to improvise, ever. Learning how to improvise is hard. It usually requires many years, many years of trial and error, and it takes years of practice. And this isn’t for those who “know” how to improvise, even if they do the basics, since even most of the really great players, have only been able to do what I mean with classical playing. This video was made for an article that I was making in my own small little shop, and I wanted everyone to share their little secrets in this way. This video does not make sense for those who are not very familiar with improvisation. I’ll explain it later, but please note that while I was putting it onto youtube, I made some small changes so that you could easily follow.

The only way to learn a new technique is to practice it, and do it consistently. It would be easy enough to just sit and practice

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