Which ukulele should I buy?

Well the answer to that is obvious, and it’s a Gibson Flying V!

The Flying V is one of the most popular ukulele models currently available and is one of the best looking to boot! The Flying V is powered by a Gibson ES-335 body which gives the Flying V the look and feel of a midi guitar with an additional Fender Twin Reverb pedal and an extra tuner for extra fine tuning.

The Flying V can be powered either by a USB port on the top, (the same port found on the ’60s SG) or through the body of the ukulele. The USB port makes charging easy but makes it possible to play the entire instrument at the same time (i.e. no more playing at the same time as you charge! :))

What size ukulele is best for the Flying V? I tried the Flying V with the Fender Twin Reverb combo and it looks like it is the perfect combination. The ukulele is quite thin at only 5 1/2″ though so it still sits quite comfortably in my hand!

How good is the packaging? This is actually a pretty great ukulele! I do feel like something has gone a bit ‘wrong’ when I see a normal box with no sticker on the front or inside.

Should I get a custom made ukulele to go with this? No – these need to be your ukulele!

What do I recommend? Buy the Flying V if:

You want a guitar that looks at home on both your wall and your deck. The Flying V makes a great gift too!

You love the Flying V! It’s got a sleek look, cool tone, and a great price compared to other popular ukuleles.

You want a ukulele that fits in a standard sized deck with no problem. If you want the guitar to be able to fit next to your computer or an Apple TV while not disturbing other pieces on your deck – buy the Flying V!

You want the ukulele to have the same low profile as a Gibson 534/535. The Flying V isn’t going to look that much different.

How good is the construction of my Flying V? The Flying V is built with high quality American made components so you can be confident that the ukulele you buy will last for years to come.

Do I need one