Which ukulele should I buy?

This is a very difficult question to answer. One option would be to start by buying a stringed instrument for a good deal but for beginners and those new to the ukulele, most instruments sell for far less than a stringed one. So what to do, what to buy? There are several options, a stringed ukulele or a double bass. The choice is really all up to you. If you want to go with a double bass, it would be best to buy one that has a lot of strings in the neck position and a lot of frets. This way, you get the best tone, but you never have to worry about strings getting tangled up with the fret board. A bass ukulele from Schaller would come in at a much higher price tag though, so it’s probably best not to try and make a comparison.

In my opinion, it’s best to get a double bass that has a large body (not too small). And when you look at how ukuleles are made, the double bass is what you want. There isn’t a huge range of string gauges, each instrument has its own specification. So if your instruments has only a thin gauge string, the strings will get caught up with the bottom fret board.

Do you need strings for a ukulele?

If you have a string set that hasn’t grown a finger and you have to replace it to fit a new finger, you can either buy a new set or get a set of replacement strings. Most people don’t have too much trouble replacing the strings. Of course you need some sort of support for the string to stay in place (like a stand) but otherwise, it shouldn’t be too difficult to replace the strings.

I’d recommend buying a set of strings in a small quantity (a dozen or so) to keep track of how many are in your set. It will save you time when you need a replacement and it may make it easier for you.

What kind of strings are recommended for a bass ukulele?

In order to play the ukulele, you need some form of tension:

Hang of a string allows for it to play and remain plucked.

Guitar string is plucked after some force is applied (like a pickup) on the guitar string.

Most people get strings in either of these two options but most importantly you must get strings