Why does my ukulele sound bad? – Beginner 2 Chord Ukulele Songs

If you have a Ukelele, you can tune it to whatever note you wish. And remember: no tuning your ukele = no Ukele!

The ukulele has 6 strings, and you can’t change a note on the Uke.

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Your ukele is the most important instrument in your collection.

A pair of Russian oligarchs are behind the latest round of attacks on Syria.

The attacks took place at the United Nations in New York on April 23rd when two Russian businessmen, Alexander Khodorkovsky and Yuri Khodorkovsky, were expelled from the UN after they spoke to the Security Council about the alleged plan to send Russian military advisors to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The businessmen are both known for their involvement with Russia’s FSB domestic intelligence agency and were the target of a 2013 US-Russian arms embargo.

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin and American acting Ambassador Robert Ford issued a joint statement at the time declaring that the allegations against the businessmen were “unfounded.” Churkin has also denied that the two men are currently being targeted by Russian security services.

In the first incident, Khodorkovsky was approached by three masked men who demanded that he meet with them at 10am on Monday, April 23rd. Khodorkovsky had previously met with the US Consul General in New York, who offered to meet with him. Khodorkovsky instead met with the businessmen, and after some time spent in a private meeting, the alleged gunmen threatened to kill Khodorkovsky or his driver if he did not meet with them.

Khodorkovsky then reportedly told his driver to leave the building shortly before the men left. However, according to a security guard from Khodorkovsky’s house in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, a woman from the men’s gang allegedly entered at 12:10pm, approached the house and demanded that the housekeeper open the front door. When refused, they allegedly took the woman, a 16-year old boy and her father into a van.

Despite the security guard’s assertions that they stopped at a nearby parking lot to retrieve the driver’s identification card at 12:30pm, the three men were allegedly not returned to their van. Instead a woman claiming to be the driver, reportedly said that the three men had been taken away by security personnel, and then said, “I am not allowed to give the details. We don’t know who they

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