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A beginner’s guide

There are two broad groups of people who play the uke: those who have mastered the ukulele, and those who have some aptitude, but who have never tried it on a regular basis.

So, how does ukulele sound?

Let’s say you have been given a beginner’s uke. Let’s say, like many beginners, you have learned to pluck a string, and your ukulele’s a bit of a chore. How is it playing?

The good news — it’s all fun and games in the woods with no strings to play with. Here’s some advice from a good uke teacher: the key is to stay consistent, and to not mess with the ukulele. It’s fun, and you’ll never get bad play. The other important thing to remember is that when playing your uke, make sure that your strings are snug on each fret. If your strings are not, then your fingers won’t go where you want them to, and that’s a surefire killer. It’s fine to break strings if you’d like to have more fun or don’t mind loose strings, but don’t break your string because you’re too lazy.

Learning to play an instrument is a learning process. It is like learning how to read. When you read a novel you know what happens next. When you play the uke, each string touches the fretboard differently. Each string has its own purpose. Keep that information in mind as you put on this ukulele and go out on the road.

For this month, I’ve decided to look at some of the most frequently talked about issues around the world. I’ll be looking at issues on the surface like climate change and water; but, in some cases, the actual impact that they have on people. We’ll be looking at issues of race and social justice in Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as some of my favourites, Canada and the United States. And, each of these issues is followed up with a short video where we look at that issue and see how the conversation has evolved.

So, without further ado, here we go.

The Global Climate Change: Climate Change Debate in Africa

Climate change is one of the world’s greatest problems. I’m sure everyone on this planet has experienced it at some point, which makes the global climate change that we face even more urgent. This is an issue that affects

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