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“I keep my throat tight and I can’t talk. That’s the best I can do.” ―Tony Stark and The Vision [src]

The Vision was a member of The Avengers until it was disbanded in September of 2015. In the wake of losing the Avengers, he had to live with an identity crisis. During this time, Stark convinced the Vision to remain with the Avengers, and they formed the Vision’s Secret Society of Super Heroes, hoping that the Vision would help keep the secret society alive.

After his death, Iron Man decided that he must find a new Vision for the group and recruited Captain Marvel to replace him. After Stark gave his secret Identity to Natasha Romanoff in order to ensure that she would not be discovered with Captain Marvel, she stole the identity and stole the Avengers, using it to help destroy the Avengers’ base in New York. The Vision became the new Captain Marvel and left with a new identity, the Vision-X.

During the events of Avengers Together, it was revealed that the Vision lost his identity when Iron Man was killed by the Extremis Virus, leading him to become The Purple Man and become the new Vision after his death.

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After becoming the new Vision, he and the other heroes continued their work against Thanos, but they were easily defeated, since his power was too great. After being defeated by the Avengers and Vision, War Machine was able to turn Vision’s hatred against himself and kill him, saving the universe at the cost of his friend’s life.

While Vision was destroyed at the hands of Iron Man, Iron Fist was able to revive him in time to battle Thanos alongside the rest of the Earth’s Defenders. However, Thanos was able to possess Iron Fist, using the former’s powers to temporarily make everyone within a large radius of his area of effect unable to see or hear anything.


“I see a vision. Something about being like a living legend.”

“A legend? What are you going to do?”

“I’m an architect. A good one, actually. I’m going to design an entire city around me. That’s the best I can do at the moment.”

“That’s insane. Why would you do that? You’re the only one there. And you’ve got all of these superpowers, but you’ve never worked at architecture! How could you do that?” ―Iron Fist and The Vision [src]

The Vision was a talented

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