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The first thing you need is something nice and warm for him to lay.

When someone gives you a massage, you want something with lots of firm, sticky stuff. We recommend that you try the hand rubs which are very smooth and relaxing.

But sometimes you don’t want a massage but just want to give him a massage. You don’t want to hurt his skin or he will become more aggressive toward you. Try a massage with a towel but keep it in case anything happens.

The last thing you need is something that has a lot of bubbles. You might even see bubbles rising from inside it as it absorbs the body heat.

You’ll know his temperature is good because he will start breathing heavily and sweating. Now get inside and give him a hot shower.

The key to good sex is to keep both your body and mind working together.

You want to make him happy. You don’t want to make him sick too. Make him comfortable and make your body warm.

If you’re looking for a special gift, check out this post on how to make him squirt. (Check out the full post here)

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How to Teach Lovemaking to Your Puppet

And if you’ve thought about teaching your puppet to sex you might want to read this post on how to teach sex to a puppeteer.

The puppet’s not real but they are real in the bed.

If you’d like to learn how to play with a real puppet that’s very helpful if you enjoy watching them play. Here are my favorite videos which I find particularly helpful:

1. Puppets:

2. Puppeteers & Their Puppets:

These two videos also are very helpful as the puppets will talk a little while you learn sex.

3. Toys that Teach Sex to a Puppet

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