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The name itself suggests a ventriloquist, a person who pretends to be someone else.

The oldest ventriloquist is in fact a “possessed man,” according to the National Enquirer, which claims a man in the 1800s in Massachusetts had a set of ventriloquists pretending to be the Duke of Wellington. They were, the book claims, responsible for a storm that left five dead, including two babies in a tub.

In 2006, “The Daily Show” correspondent Chris Darden and his co-anchor Stephen Colbert made their own version of the claim: The “Duke of Wellington” episode.

In March 2012, The Washington Post’s Robert Costa reported on a new claim that could be a step toward the development of the next generations of ventriloquists.

“Dee Dee Smith’s daughter, who is 21, told me she was born with five ventriloquist dolls. Each one has a name, face and a special voice, but they also play a sound-association game called “crying.” The idea is that the child, wearing a voice box, learns how to identify the dolls’ voices,” writes Costa in the March 22, 2012 edition of the Washington Post, which also noted that the name was created by an anonymous, “well documented” website.

“Smith’s daughter has told me that she has no intention of keeping her toys — she will take them in to her parents, and if they do not sell them, that was on purpose,” reported Costa. “Smith and her family are being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol regarding complaints that some of the dolls had been stolen or stolen from other


A year after Costa’s article, in March 2013, the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that, while they are investigating Smith’s family, it is not investigating Smith herself.

Dee Dee Smith has not released a statement since Costa’s article appeared.

“The law,” says Costa, “allows anyone to sue anyone for any damages suffered as a result of someone else’s actions.”

As Costa continues to go after Smith, Smith’s attorneys say they are being contacted by the Florida Highway Patrol about their client’s case. Smith’s attorneys, however, insist that they have no connection to such a matter.

“Ventriloquists have been around for decades,” says Smith attorney John Pape, “and that’s

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