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What’s the most useful camera for photography? Here are the top five most useful cameras for video.

You really only need two different cameras to create great quality video. There’s no real need for an extra camera. The first is for making a video that needs a lot of editing: You’re on location and you want to make a video without a lot of extra expense. The second is for a quick editing job. This could even be for creating a short film, if the video needs only a few lines. If you need a quick edit, you’ll have to use a few cameras, but otherwise, you can cut the edit with just two.


But wait, there’s more. You’re also going to need a way to edit footage that can’t be done using cameras—like a computer, or your smartphone—which is very helpful if your idea of video editing is editing a video and then uploading the edited video to YouTube.

There are also a few things you’ll need for great quality video. You might find a decent webcam, a camera that has a wide angle lens, an inexpensive phone camera, or even just a decent audio recorder. For these cameras, you won’t need a tripod or even a tripod stand. Just place it on a vertical surface and attach a boom. You can find a ton of different boom mount options, but to stay on budget, and for video, I recommend a cheap boom mount like the Bang and Olufsen B&O dongle.


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