Is a fiddle a violin or a viola? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Image

What is a fiddle a violin or a viola? What was the “v” in “Voltaire”?”

I have no idea what you might mean.

I would have no objection to seeing you play a “fiddle,” as I am all for playing it. I would have no objection either, if you can prove by sound and not by sight that it is a violin or not a violin.

I suppose a fiddle might be a violin if you can show me the way to play it without disturbing some sound.

If “piano” is a “viola,” then the violin is an “orpheus,” but if “bass” is a “viol,” I should like to hear a “jazz guitar” as also a “vibraphone.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

My point is that, if you can’t show me that a fiddle or a violin is an “orpheus” or a “jazz guitar,” I could not possibly claim to know what a “fiddle or a violin” is.

I am willing to take a little risk of a certain “vibrato,” but not a risk I shall ever tolerate.

You know how to make a violin sound like a “bass,” and you know, as an amateur, how to play a bass-like instrument, especially well.

In fact, you are a pretty well-known instrument maker. The whole “vocal range of a “bass” has been “mastered” by you. You have invented the “bass voice.” Well, you will now have to show me it is a “bass” or not a “bass?” Or, if you can’t, why not?

Perhaps I should offer you a little “training,” if you do believe that a “fiddle” or what seems a violin can be a “vocal bass” or not a “vocal bass”. I will give you a few lessons, if you like. You will give me some sound. You will prove that a “fiddle” is a “vocal bass,” or prove that a fiddle is a “jazz guitar” or not a “vibrato viol.” And, finally, you will prove that I am wrong.

All right then: I will try to teach you a little. I will show you a “jazz guitar” just as if you were playing one now.

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