Should I learn violin or cello? – How To Learn Violin Faster Pussycat Lyrics

You have the right to decide whether or not you are interested in a professional sport-related career. The fact that your parents made a conscious decision to send you to the musical instrument class of one of the finest classical schools in Boston should not make you feel that you have anything to lose in making the decision for you. It comes down to the fact that the violin does offer many more opportunities and rewards than the cello or piano. Your parents didn’t know why or how they chose to send you to what seemed to them to be a good college, let alone the elite college and concert institute, only to send their 15 year old grandson to the music teacher of a world-class music school that is the best college in the world. The violin has many musical teachers from whom you may obtain valuable lessons, but one of the teachers in the violin class might be an amateur with no musical background. If the violin teacher is an amateur you may not be as happy with the results. A professional violinist will be an experienced professional who is able to learn your strengths and develop new ones.

Free printable violin sheet music, Muss I Denn (Wooden Heart)
When I choose a professional instrument, I have many more people to turn to and many more opportunities to be creative and expand my own abilities. As a music educator, the violin is an interesting and special instrument to study, I believe. If the violin teacher is going to be a musician, and not an amateur, then I believe that the violin class is an important resource that many aspiring violin teachers could use in order to grow and develop their craft.

If you choose to pursue a profession that you like more than you like music, you should take the time to explore many musical instruments before deciding on a professional.

Are you ready to start working at a professional violin teacher?

What resources would you love to offer?

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