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Yes, a lot. If someone writes an instrumentation-rich piece of music like Liszt or Brahms and doesn’t know anything else about violin, they’ll get a lot more work done because they just want to make it sound great. If he has to worry about things like the size of the instrument, the sound of the violin, the size and shape of the body, and how to maintain it, no amount of training won’t be enough to make it sound like a violin (or, in a much more precise sense, a viola).

One of violin players’ greatest challenges is figuring out how things sound. They’re so hard to get right and so much fun to play. And there’s just so much there!

The key is to learn a little bit about the instrument and how an instrument works. It’s really cool how well a violin sounds when you take your mind off the rest of it. (I recently had a friend who can play the violin and read music. He can’t read music while playing the violin. When he reads the music out loud, his ear is in a bad place. He’s not used to the way the music sounds while he plays.) He’s pretty happy when he’s done playing!

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