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Mentalism (Naming Magic, Telepathy, etc.) is one of their major magic schools.

The main difference with normal magic is that the user has to pay attention to the mental state of the target. If you don’t pay attention, you’re very likely to miss an attack.

The main problem with mental magic lies with how one focuses on a narrow area of the body. You can’t use it to fight a foe who’s bigger in size, or attack the weak point on the body, to say nothing of the fact that mental magic does nothing more than manipulate thoughts. While mental magic can be very useful, you’ll find it hard to use it to the fullest at the beginning of the game.

Most enemies in this game are weak by design. The main thing is to find ways of killing them without dying. This is accomplished by getting your party to use different skills that specialize on different enemies.

Most of them have weaknesses that make them easy to defeat by focusing on different weaknesses and dodging attacks. In a way, that’s true; in reality, magic is very difficult to use. The game doesn’t make you waste time and effort on a skill you might not use for a long time.

However, if you use a specific skill on the enemy, the next time you will try to use it is more effective. The enemy won’t be able to do as much damage to you without it. This is where mentalism comes in.

If you’ve had trouble controlling your mind in the game, you can learn to control it by spending 1 BP to summon a “Sorcerer” into your party. They are the only non-player characters you can send anywhere in the world, so it’ll be easy for you to get those spells by visiting their home in towns, but they will all be for the most part useless when you have nothing better to do.

If you want another way to help you with your mental strength, you can buy magic spells from the “Magicians” around the world. As of now, that’s the best way to learn magic, except for a few special “Magic” spells which are rare in the game.

When you go on the adventure, you’ll have to equip your magic caster and have them learn from time to time. The main difficulty lies in keeping them alive for longer than necessary. The game has no easy way to save the party. There must be a way that prevents players from dying

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