Can Christians levitate?

Yes they can. But only if the levitation is very slight and the person being levitated has very good coordination with some other person. They need to be able to get their body together as quickly as possible. Their body mass and balance has to be near perfect.

Does an individual need to be an expert in levitation to become a Christian?

No. There are many Christian churches in the world who have great expertise in levitation.

Some Christians claim that their own levitation is impressive enough to be useful?

In this day and age what use does one need to have in levitation? There is much in this world which we cannot control – hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear blasts, etc. But it does not take an expert to control them. They are caused by our ignorance…we cannot use our bodies as they were created to be used.
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What is the importance of levitation to your faith?

In our lifetime, we shall be reunited with God, but also will be annihilated. So what is important is to save ourselves from this destruction in the afterlife. We must be prepared to save ourselves. If you believe there is a hell, then you will be in it. If you believe there is life on other worlds, you will be among those who are saved. If you believe your body has been designed to fall apart to be a waste, you will be there amongst those who are saved. It seems quite obvious that, in the end, if you believe you are in a state of perpetual hell, there is great temptation to continue that faith, especially in the West, which already has this mentality.

For example, people who are very religious believe that the Devil is good and that he is waiting to tempt them. But the most dangerous part is that they do not know how to know their own fears. You cannot know whether the devil is not real or not. You may say, if I do not expect evil, then I know that I have never had anything bad happen to me. However, it is better to be prepared for something. It is better to be careful than to be weak.

How does your faith affect your health?

The more devout you are, the more you need to work on your physical body. Our bodies are built for life and that is what they are made for. I think those who feel that a more fervent devotion to Jesus would have a greater physical health might be more concerned with their