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Does a car run on electricity? How come we hear voices in the distance and not just the wind?”

Kanayama then took his own time talking about his research—he was a professor of materials science at Kyoto University until 1998, and had been researching levitation in the lab for years. He spent much of the time pointing out flaws in his colleagues’ hypotheses, and pointing out flaws in his own theory, which was that the “resonant force” associated with light resonant frequencies in an ordinary solid is independent of the surface areas of the solid, which are governed by the electric, magnetic, and thermal fields of the fluid. He and others first discovered this resonant force in the mid-1990s, and Kanayama’s team also showed that the same theory could be used to reproduce that effect in a solid. (Their paper is in Applied Physics Letters, which I will get to soon.)

The key word in that last sentence is “quantum.” If Kanayama’s theory is correct, then it means that the quantum mechanical nature of light in an ordinary solid (and all the properties it describes) can be completely captured—but if he thinks his interpretation has “some errors”—then it means that we’re still not totally sure. When he told me about his disagreement with Houdini, I asked him what would happen if he found out that the theory is not quite right. He said that he would have to find a way to prove it wrong. He explained:

“It’s not a matter of saying that the theory of light is really wrong—it has very few errors. The fact that light resonances are dependent on the electric field of a fluid, so the whole world of quantum mechanics is just wrong, is just a logical consequence.”

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His colleague, a theoretical physicist who worked with him at Kyoto and whose name I’ll get to in a minute, echoed Kanayama’s view. He said that he was very comfortable with the current evidence in the field, and that I could take his word for it that Kanayama was correct on these issues. When I asked his opinion about the potential for some quantum leaps in the future, he said: “There isn’t any,” and he added, “I wouldn’t recommend doing anything now other than to be cautious for now if the theory of light is not correct.”

In a letter to his employer, however, Kanayama stated that he doesn’t want to leave the research field just yet,

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