Can you sharpen bendy pencils? – Easy Magic Tricks To Learn

Honey, I’m a kid…

My favorite candy is a peanut butter & jelly sandwich

When you’re in a bind, your parents will usually help you (if they’re not too busy)

You should watch how quickly you eat

It takes just a second to turn a penny

The fastest way to reach 100 feet

You should be looking for “A” letters on a street sign

The shortest distance between two points is not 10 feet

Some people use an umbrella as their seat, some just a chair

There should be a certain amount of water in your cup when you get down in it

When you’re in line in a line, it’s really important to stay together

If you can’t find a place to stand (your car), then find an empty space for a seat

When the lights are all green, put them aside and walk in the night

It’ll be just fine! You can always change a tire

It’s not bad to try and buy things in a store, it’ll save you money and they are usually better priced

It’s not a good idea to leave your purse near the toilet because it can get caught, you must make sure you have a way to pick it up again when you flush

Have a little bit of money lying around

Have a good memory, you won’t just be able to forget
Secret revealed London street performer, floating and ...

Your first step is always to take a deep breath, you should have good rhythm when you do it

When we see a fire in a building, we don’t just call it a fire; we call it “an emergency”

It’s not necessary to pay your parking tickets

The best way to buy a car is to make sure the price is good, then make the payment on time

Your home should be decorated by the time you get the keys, you should love it

It’s usually best to leave at least 2 weeks before you leave for work

It’s probably better to eat a meal at a restaurant you’re about to visit than going into the same restaurant that you already ate at

I know it seems silly to tell people to stay out as late as they can, but we’re always tired out so we keep going at night

If you lose your wallet, it’s your own fault, you don’t deserve to lose your wallet

Even a small slip causes you to lose the whole thing, you

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