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To levitate you have to hold onto your feet. The more you pull the more effort it takes to levitate. If you put your leg away from you the farther you will fly, so stay grounded!

Why should I bring my bike on a trip?

It’s a great way to save time on a long trip when the plane doesn’t have time to take off. Plus, if you have a bike and bike helmet you will be safe. You will know if your bike falls in or out because it will vibrate when you get it on the air.

Should I bring a bike helmet with me?

Bikes can cause severe injuries to people just running or walking while they’re on the roads. We don’t recommend you carry your helmet, but some people do, to protect themselves. Don’t do it unless you know for sure you feel safe!

Do I have to use my hands at all if I am levitating?

No. If you’re having trouble with your body then you do not need your hands on your bike. You can use just your arms to push and pull at the same time and push forward and backwards, depending on how far you want to go.

This video is a bit different from our normal videos. In it we explain why you shouldn’t use your hands for pushing in levitation. You’ll also find that most videos on this page also talk about using your fingers, toes, legs or knees to keep you from falling off the bike.

We also explain what the difference between lifting and pushing is. We also explain that you can keep your hands up for lifting if you don’t have to push. If you need to push while going forward you have to bring your hands down, but if you need to walk or push while going backwards, you have to stay with your hands up.

I saw a video on YouTube like this one that said it is possible to push on the ground while levitating, what do you think?

Yes, there is a video on YouTube called “how to levitate and walk on the ground. I am not sure what it’s about, I have no idea. I’m just a kid who just found out about this.” It does not show you levitating in the video; it shows you walking normally or jumping off the bike.

If it’s about using your hands for pushing and pulling your bike in levitation, we have another video called “Levitating on a

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