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I like to draw coins. That’s my main hobby and there’s a lot of different types of things I like, like using beads, coins, etc. (laughs)

In terms of the coins, I have some coins from a game called Oomotsuki. And at first I could not get the hang of using this style of magic with coins. (laughs) I had to learn it as a beginner using paper and glass, but I really enjoyed it in this way.

A new survey from The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation on gun ownership shows that more than three-quarters of Americans support federal background checks for prospective gun buyers, with 60 percent of gun owners saying they own the guns they say they want to buy the most. The study also found that among gun owners, there are strong ties between a gun ownership certificate and higher education, but that there are more gun owners with lower educational attainment.

In other words, people who are gun owners tend to have stronger connections to their gun rights and feel more connected to their own guns than those who aren’t gun owners.

Gun Owners View Background Checks, Gun Control Laws as ‘Strongly Positive’

The poll also asked Americans to rate “the extent” of background checks for firearm purchases. The top answer was “a lot” — meaning an overwhelming majority of Americans support some form of stricter gun control.

A plurality of gun owners also said that background checks for firearm purchases are supported in principle by themselves and their children. Only 18 percent of gun owners said they do not support any measures to prevent guns from being used inappropriately, and just 13 percent said they do not support background checks for private transfers between family members or friends.

In addition, the poll found that 76 percent of gun owners favored a law requiring background checks on all gun sales — not just those between family members or friends. And nearly 75 percent of gun owners supported background checks for purchases at gun shows or online as well.

What’s the big concern here?
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Gun Owners View Background Checks, Gun Control Laws as ‘A Lot’

Gun owners also overwhelmingly felt positive that background checks will reduce gun violence. The survey found that 79 percent of gun owners said that there are not enough checks, or they did not know which checks there are currently, and 81 percent said background checks would not make a difference in preventing a gun-related death or injury.

While gun owners overwhelmingly wanted some type of stricter gun control that would affect gun

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