How do you make your arm float?

I’ve got this wonderful idea to fly my drone. It’s the same as a plane. You’ve got the plane, right? You strap in. You’re sitting there, you set the plane’s speed to 10,000 feet, and then you have to think about the way you’re flying it. Why don’t you take my video and make a drone-inspired game that you’d actually play?

I’m really impressed. This is amazing and all, but can you explain to me how you got this idea?

I was watching a video of a guy in an open field with his quadcopter, which is a kind of drone, and he was flying it like a plane and he wanted to make people dance around him. I thought, Well, what if this is an ordinary quadcopter and he’s really using it to get people to play with it?

So what did you do?

I saw that the guy was taking pictures of people on a phone, and there was a way to get that to work with a drone. So I made a video and posted it, and a guy said, “Oh my god, that’s just brilliant. You’re a genius for thinking of that, let’s show everybody how it’s possible, so let’s put it out for free!” So that’s how I went from here to here, and that video is the inspiration for my project. I have two prototypes. One that’s pretty much done, and one that’s really complicated.

“What’s happening to the culture?,” asked the president in his first address to Congress. “If you listen to what they are saying, we’ve lost our way. As I said a while back, we simply cannot continue to allow drugs to ravage our communities and destroy the people and communities that we all love so much.”

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After his speech, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio said on the floor: “We must not retreat and we must not surrender. . . . The drug war has been a failure, and, as my friends across the aisle and I say tonight, our country has a better chance of victory when we stop the drug war.” “In 2011, when I introduced the first comprehensive drug policy legislation, it passed by a large bipartisan majority. So, when I’m asked what my number-one priority is, my top priority may well be to end the Drug War, because it’s been a complete failure,” added Mr. Boehner.

Yet, for