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Because the skin is so thin, it contains both a layer of mucous membranes and a layer of the blood vessels that form the blood flow. The blood vessels make a continuous, narrow channel. When the light reaches the blood vessels the light causes the blood vessels to expand rapidly and, over the same period, blood can flow through the skin and around the skin to the mouth.

The increased blood flow to the mouth and the increased distance between the skin and the mouth causes a reaction in the muscles. At the same time, a part of the skin gets cold and, since it is surrounded by the circulatory vessels, the warm air and the heat from your mouth and the flame of the candle creates the same sort of sensation in that part of the skin. This part of the skin is the closest skin to the skin of a candle. The effect is that the skin of the close-up magician gets warmer, but, since the skin of the surrounding skin is cold, the sensations from the flame of the candle do not cause it to become warmer so much. The heat, combined with the coldness of the skin, creates a sensation that your fingers and your tongue (as the flame is heated so quickly) can’t possibly penetrate. But your fingers and your tongue are inside the candle. In the next instant you feel the sensation of the flame’s burning on your finger.

After the fire disappears a second or more, you will feel both heat and cold because there is no longer the circulation of blood that keeps your muscles warm and the heat from candles dissipated, a second warmth has been created within you. This second warmth (sometimes referred to as fire magic) continues to build until you feel your entire body (from head to toe) start to melt away.

What’s the difference between flame magic and a candle magic?

Because flames cannot be used in close-up magic, candle magic is a very, very basic form of close-up magic. A candle flame needs to make contact with a surface and, usually, with an object. If the flame is not touching the object, there is no magic, but if it is, then you can make contact with the object as close as you can, which may be an apple, an egg, a piece of lead, a small coin, or a thin piece of paper. Usually, the flame, at the same time, causes the surface below to feel very warm and your lips and tongue to feel very cold. But, if you light

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