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The New York Rangers center, who has won seven World Championship medals, does not believe in the power of any one method of training to make us smarter, less vulnerable to heart disease. Instead, he sees his own experiences and training tactics as the keys to his success, which include getting big, strong, strong, strong, powerful, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong:

“I’m a tough mother fucker,” Blaine said. You can take the training or you can take the motherfuckers.

His first lesson: Get big.

“When I was like 10 years old, I would go to the grocery store and buy all these beef jerky packets,” Blaine recalled. “I’d just get about five pounds, which isn’t too much. So I’d be on my knees in the parking lot of the grocery store and I’d take it out and get it all out. And that was like the first time I ever got up and said, ‘Man, I want to be really massive.’ I thought that was kind of crazy. But I found out later that I do it every night. I get up in the middle of the night and I just lift all over with my arms, knees, toes and shoulders. I’m not kidding. It’s about five pounds of muscle that I’m using every single day.”

Blaine also focuses on the importance of muscle memory, the idea that you can train any muscle in the body to do anything.

“Muscle memory: It means that you train them every single day. Because if you only train one muscle every day, that muscle will not change. You’re going to get good at it once and that’s not very important.”

And getting good at something is only one part of the equation. Blaine added muscle memory to his other, often overlooked, training tips:

“Eat enough carbs to get your glucose levels up to fight the disease. If you eat tons of vegetables that are low carb, your glucose levels increase. You eat lots of protein to increase your muscle building qualities, which is important. And the last thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re a vegan, they’re not going to say you eat too much meat.”
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Blaine’s other training rules are simple.

“Go to a gym, get your equipment. Eat like shit to get good, work out like crap.”

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