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He does it by pushing a needle down into a slot on the head of a small needle. The body of the needle is then held vertically and the head of the needle is pushed up, leaving a small opening in the body of the needle, which is pulled into its place. The hole is then closed and the needle is put into an electric setting. Here on Earth, a small hole in a metal cylinder can be heated to create a hole in it through which to push a small needle up through the needle slot. The needles on Earth have a lot of small openings, and in that case, by “bending” and “spinning” the needle with an electric current, it can “reach” the correct position in the cylinder. David does this by holding his hand in front of his face and bending his hand back and forth. When the hand is bent forward he wants the first three fingers to bend in the same direction as the hand that is holding the head of the small needle. If one of the fingers is extended in front of him, then the other two fingers will be bent too and he will push the needle up the needle slot into place. Then the needle will be locked into place and it will be pushed into a position where it can be read. Then the electric current will be turned off, the needle will be removed, a hole will be created on the cylinder, and the needle will be put back in place when a new battery is used. You get the idea. If this technique is the most popular in the world of science, then maybe it is the most interesting! When David Blaine does the needle trick, he uses a lot of materials and a lot of power to make everything happen. He is using his hands, but he has a huge electric power pack that comes with him in his van. He has a huge machine made for that purpose but he wants to show it off to the world. As he walks up to the van, it is going to open and he has to grab it to pull it open. As the van swings down onto the concrete it is going to open. As it swings down onto the pavement, David Blaine will be able to put it back into place and get ready to do the next stage. When it is ready to be pulled open, he grabs the handle and pulls it open. With a huge hand pump he is bringing the van to life. He has a van for all times of the day, he has a van that does the needle trick and he has a special power
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