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Magic consists of three main elements to your game:

Your character

The objects you use

The game world

You may only carry one object in your inventory and it will always be a spell or item which you want to cast or equip. However, you may not need to change your hands between instances. For any time, your character will always have their normal set of hands and will always wear the same outfit and the same weapon.

Your character can be moved between instances via the spell “Teleport”, however there is only “one” place for that in your inventory and it can only be teleported to. When your character is ready to teleport, you will be able to tell them to “Teleport” them. While it is not needed to cast the spell in order to teleport, it is not required in order to use the item, either.

Your character will have a certain number of spells and items, each with a slightly different effect. Each effect will apply to a different amount of time. Spells last at 10 seconds each if your character has 1 spell point and 15 seconds in total.

All spells will have “cooldown” when casting. This means that your character will have to be away from their character model, and they will be unable to cast until their character model has left the active state of the item. This way, there are no wasted abilities.

In each instance, you can control which spells will be available for use until the next instance starts. You can also change the type of spell in your inventory.

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In addition, each time an item is dropped, you get a random number of spells you are allowed to cast from the drop list. This prevents you from over-casting, as if you cast 10 times, each time your character tries to cast that spell, they will end up with no spells.

The time available for use on your character is the duration of the current instance plus the cooldown. When a cooldown expires, you must either cast a new spell or return your current item to your active state.

Each item you carry has a different attribute called a “Magic Value”. These are the levels of your attributes and the amount of items you currently possess, rounded down.

You cannot change your item and attribute value until you have fully completed two instances before changing your attributes.

When your character has 100 Magic Value, you will stop needing any kind of potion and can choose to keep them. When your

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