How does MTG close up work?

MTG: The closing sequence has the same rules as normal closing. It’s just called MTG because we have that in mind.

So closing a Magic game takes exactly the same amount of time as an opening game. There’s no change in how long things take.

MTG: You might say your game is a sort of Rube Goldberg scheme where each player is basically running the same game except for one very important difference: MTG opens with six cards and MTG ends with ten cards.

So with two decks each player has one more card to work with and one less card to be dealt to other people.

What about opening and closing and trading cards?

MTG: So you’re allowed to play with the cards, right? MTG: There’s no specific restrictions on trading.

As you start the game you’ll get a choice: you can either buy one card and put it into your hand, or you can deal one card to yourself.

How can cards be exchanged at your table?

MTG: You can exchange your cards with anyone at your table.

MTG: Yes, of course—the only thing is that you can only use coins for exchanging your card. If your opponent shows you a piece of paper with the coin symbol on it, we can’t count coins.

MTG: And we can’t count cards too.

That’s right.

Does a player have to be at a certain table to play MTG?

MTG: No—MTG can be played anywhere.

Do you like MTG, or do you think it’s an unfair game?

MTG: So I love MTG, but I do think it’s unfair.

Have you played any of the other MTGs?

MTG: I played Magic Online.

You played in a tournament when Magic Online took off—you were playing against Aaron Forsythe. Are you interested in playing in tournaments again?

MTG: I play in tournaments now as well as online to test newer decks for tournaments.

Have you played Magic before? How will you change in the future?

MTG: Well, I played Magic when it first came out. I had quite a bit of experience playing it, but as far as the direction Magic went, I’ve only started playing lately.

MTG: I don’t think I’ve played Magic