Is Derren Brown a magician? – Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At School

Derren Brown is in the news recently, and while that’s fine, it’s not the first time this phenomenon has happened. He’s been doing it since 2007, and the best video is yet to come.

His show has been viewed over 1.3 million times in three years, and as the media calls the act “magic,” Brown calls it “shtick.” He says it’s not a big deal, but does offer something entertaining to people.

Derren Brown does not appear as a magician but as a regular guy, dressed for work, working in a coffee shop. In this video, he’s giving people cash to watch him do three tricks. At the end, they can choose to say what they want to say or what they don’t. At least one person does say what he wants to say. We see three “spells” being cast, three “demons” to chase down, and a demon that Brown will kill.

You can watch Derren Brown do these tricks below on the video. You don’t have to watch until the end of the video, because there is a lot of swearing going on. If you do watch, you probably won’t be able to stop.


Derren Brown: Derren Brown Magic [YouTube via Mashable]

In an unusual move, the city on Tuesday night gave the green light to the construction of three new “green” bike lanes — designed to reduce cars and trucks in a car-centric metropolis.

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The construction plans will take place over the next few months, but in a city where there are more than 300 new projects planned, the city has opted to issue permits for the plans to begin soon.

The city’s Environmental Management department also sent out a statement announcing that the new bicycle lanes will be built within 50 feet of any vehicle, and that motorists will be required to use protected bike lanes when traveling through residential areas.

“When completed, these new bike lanes will make for a much more pleasant, safe and pleasant bike ride to work, school or for a quick jaunt on your morning commute,” the statement read. “It also means that motorists can safely travel through this area while having the safety of protected traffic lanes as a backup if needed.”

The city of Boulder, Colorado, just became the first municipality to approve plans to build three “green” bike lanes in an urban setting. The city of Boulder plans to extend existing bike lanes along a strip between 13

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