Is levitation possible by human?

[4] How is an electrical charge induced in an organ by a powerful electromagnetic field? Can a human be made to fly by the force of an electronic charge?

[5] Can a single individual levitate? Can an electric charge be used to levitate?

[6] Is there any way to levitate even in outer space? It would be like a man standing out on the moon…

[7] Will a person be able to levitate if their cells are irradiated?

The New York Times recently posted a big report on what the American intelligence community believed to be ISIS’s capabilities. It contains three paragraphs, and the first is telling:

The intelligence is based mainly on the Islamic State’s military records and on a small amount of information from former Iraqi leaders and other sources.

Those who work with the Islamic State’s military have been reluctant to speak publicly about whether they are convinced at the highest levels that the group is losing, and the military is largely in disarray.

The Islamic State’s intelligence, like its weapons, is the kind that you can put in a bin and hope someday the pieces get back together, right? I thought so. But the second paragraph seems more of a warning from a high-ranking military official. (This is important, because that same general has made it clear that he feels the administration is being too tight with the Kurds in the north. I don’t believe them, personally, and the Obama administration would be foolish to ignore his view.)

And this is not an isolated incident, this has occurred multiple times over the last six months:

Some of the information, including the information that the Iraqi military received in May, has been circulated among Iraqi commanders through intermediaries, officials said.

Some Iraqi commanders and units are making the same decision to stop fighting the extremists in their country because they believe they have been overmatched by the extremist groups and have no choice but to withdraw, the officials said.

“We would be stupid to think ISIS will end up all over again in the place we left it,” said one official, who like others discussed the issue on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. “That is how they came into being.”

So the Islamic State’s “military records” and “information from former Iraqi leaders and other sources” are not exactly reliable. A few days later, after ISIS fighters had invaded Mosul, they began the kind of