Is Magic natural?

Magic is natural in that magic is part of each individual’s nature. The more that individual has to do with magic, the more magic naturally occurs.

But the difference between Magic and a natural phenomenon is the way of creating magic.

In ordinary people’s magic, they can create any magic they want. It is just a matter of the number of people who make magic and the amount the magic does.

However, in a magical beast, the amount and quality of magic will determine how efficient it is, which means once you create the magic from scratch, it must be very efficient.
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And once the efficiency of the magic is greater than expected, it becomes naturally possible to use magic without any magic user.

Since one’s mind and magical power is also part of each individual’s magic, their magic will naturally vary depending.

While this phenomenon differs greatly from all the other magic in general, the differences can be observed in every single magic in the world, yet, magic is called natural.

That’s the magic they called magic.

When you see a monster that can attack humans, there are naturally many different types of magic being used. It means, they made the monsters with that much of a variety of magic that could attack humans, and to create monsters, they must be the same.

To be able to fight against humans without any magic being used, a monster’s mana is necessary to create this magic in addition to having a high number of subordinates and a high number of subordinates can create this magic.

At a certain point of time, they needed a huge amount of magical power to create a monster like this. That’s why, with this amount needed of magical power, there was a limit on the amount of people one could have, and there was no one who could use magic.

But what if one created a magical beast that had more than 1000 mana, and could use it for free to use magic? If you’re able to make it for free, it would make more sense, right?

At that point, a massive amount of magical power was needed, and for a short period of timeā€¦ there was a chance, even if no one’s magic was used to make this monster, a monster like this could use magic easily.

If that was the case, it’s possible, because at such a moment, it will be a good opportunity to utilize such high mana, that’s why one would want it to be