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What if we made that idea accessible, and we can read minds in a world where everybody is a superpower that learns to read the mind of some other human or that doesn’t seem to have one?

There is a reason why books like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” are bestsellers, not just because they’re popular but as a result of their premise: Why is the center of the Earth in our universe? We don’t believe that there is only one center, although it’s possible that there is a center somewhere else in some other dimension, yet we haven’t found it. I doubt “Journey” will ever solve the mystery, though I think it’s the best story that has ever been told about how the center of the earth came to be.

Why doesn’t everyone have access to a mind reading device? What if you could learn to read another person’s mind through their words? We have access to this technology, and it’s already being used to help people like me. Now we can go to an unknown new dimension to find out who is controlling this device.

I also realize that this is just a story that was written to help people make sense of life. Some people will want to find ways to use the technology, others won’t. This is a story I thought would help people figure out what the right thing to do is. As science writer Paul Vallely used to say, we’ve already found out so much in recent years that it’s a wonder we haven’t already solved everything.

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Fantasy has come up again because I still need something that would keep everyone involved in the discussion, and that needs to be a topic of conversation.

That means it needs something new to say about it. The problem with some of the things I’ve said in the past is that they tend to get used as part of the conversation. Sometimes one of them is repeated from another article, other times it’s put on a blog article and sometimes on one of my Twitter accounts. There’s also nothing that has any real depth to it, no real explanation, just some general, unsubstantiated stuff. But that’s boring. So one of the first things I’m going to do is get my audience to help me find something new to say, something new to explore, something new to write about.

If you want to join the party, then read on. I’ve put some of the links in brackets so you can go from the links to the articles.

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