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Dark magic is the domain of dark forces. It is the domain of demons. It is the domain of witches. It is the domain of blood magic. It is the domain of necromancy. It is the domain of dark sorcery.

Dark magic is anything that you don’t know about or doesn’t know that you don’t know. You cannot know anything about it because to know something you have to understand it. Dark magic is also the very stuff which binds all the magical worlds together, and the key to its creation.

It also includes the domain of magic itself, so it is no surprise that the great ancient powers were also dark in nature. The very nature of the universe dictates the nature of things. There is only this, there is no other. If you have tried to use magic for anything other than the will of your own creator and you haven’t succeeded, then you are a failed magician.

Dark magic is a way of seeing reality through the eyes of the occult, and without regard for that reality. Dark magic is also a way of understanding reality from the perspective of an occult being. It is a way of seeing the universe from an alternative point of view.

And the best things, the best ways of seeing things, are also dark in nature, so they also have dark powers.

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Let’s say you don’t care about the fact that you are the son of a wizard. You’d do really well in a world with very limited technology. What do you expect to happen, you’d try out different ways of communicating and you’ll discover all sorts of ways of doing things like this.

You’ll notice there are no wizards, you wouldn’t need them. The only thing the rules of the universe are that only wizards can do magic. Nobody else can, and not everybody is willing to join them and learn the art of magic. So it all seems very odd to you.

You’d have an advantage in a world with magic. You’ve been taught, by your wizard father and your mother, everything you know and you don’t have to learn anything else. You just have to go to school and you do it, as soon as you are 16 years old, it will all become completely clear to you. And it’s good to know everything so that you can go to your destination and be taken care of.

But that only explains the world you live in now. You would not have been able to know the world before you had to

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