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A linkage matrix is a table that lists all the references in a file; the references are listed in the same order as they appeared in the file, rather than in a hierarchical order. The term “symbolic link” is sometimes used.

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Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Karzai rejected the idea of his presidential election being held again

An agreement on Afghan elections to be held later this year has been signed after more than eight months of war.

The deal was signed by the two main leaders behind the negotiations: US President Barack Obama and Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain.

The candidates running for the presidency – Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani – were the first to sign their names as prime ministerial candidates.

In June, a deal was confirmed but it collapsed with Mr Abdullah refusing to bow to pressure.

The Afghan and American sides were still discussing the details of the election and Mr Karzai’s role.

Image caption Ashraf Ghani did not want to be seen as a puppet of the outgoing president

However, the agreement appears to have won the approval of a majority of Afghan political factions, including Mr Abdullah who is expected to take control of the presidency from Mr Ghani if he wins the contest.

Mr Obama and Mr Ghani have vowed to end what they have described as Afghanistan’s “long war”, after it was revealed in May that an estimated 1,400 US military personnel would remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

The presidential election is due to be held on 20 February 2015.

Mr Abdullah, who will run against him, is seen as the favourite.

“After months of negotiation, the Afghan and US sides have reached an agreement in principle for elections to be held in May, 2015, in Kabul and in the rest of the country,” said US President Barack Obama in a statement.

“This agreement will allow me to begin the work of rebuilding Afghanistan and provide the Afghan people their basic security,” he added.

Mr Ghani – the former foreign minister who became prime minister last year – signed the agreement on Thursday.

He is expected to become the

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