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Mini tackle in magic is a special, fun game where players must tackle a block while the opposing team is down a lineman.

How do I play mini tackle?

1. Choose a number between 1 and 3 players.

2. Pick a block in a row (one person runs from the start to the end.) That player, who has their head up, has to tackle the blocker on their block.

3. Pick another block (in a different order) and the person going after the blocker must run to the end of their block.

How do I get the player to tackle the one on top?

When you have three players (each with 1 and 3 players) tackle a block from the same row, the player on the top has to tackle the guy who tackled him. They must then try to score on the first person to score. If their player is down, try again! If all three blocks are successful, two players are awarded points and the other player becomes the winner.

Is this a one person vs. one person game?

Yes. The rules are identical to regular tackle.

Is your prize something unique that people won’t see again?

No. We have a great variety of props and game toys that people can take home, play, and enjoy all day.

Can I play mini tackle with my friends?

We have special game stations available for play. The mini tackle stations are also great for families and groups, and have built in safety nets. Just bring the game and players sit on the same side of the table, have one person pick their block to tackle, and the other player picks the guy on top to tackle.

What is a player score?

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The player score is the players score plus 1 point. When all three players have a 1 score, the winner can now get a bonus prize (see below). Players that have three and a half in a row get a 5,7, and a 9. So if you’ve done three (3 and a 1), a player gets a 5.7, and the runner-up gets 9 points.

To earn all of these points, players will have to put in extra effort and finish a set of blocks quickly.

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