What is nature magic called? – Card Magic Tricks For Beginners Tutorial

For how long has it not died? There are so many kinds of magic that have been born since the dawn of time. It is not difficult to be able to imagine the existence of magic even in the past when the world was just like this. For example, the ‘Light of the Gods,’ which allows the people to use magic. It was only when the world was destroyed for the past thousand years, right? For a thousand years, no one knew that the ‘Light of the Gods’ existed. At the time when we thought that the ‘Light of the Gods’ was a common thing, we were not even able to see any traces of it in our worlds. In other words, it was possible to imagine that the ‘Light of the Gods’ didn’t exist then. Even in this world, those people that are good at magic are rare. They are the ones that have managed to survive. In this world, the number of people with a good understanding of magic is not much. And that is why these people are called ‘Light-based’. Of course, a magic-user cannot use magic for a long time. In fact, the longer one hasn’t used magic, the worse the magic user feels. And because of that, those people are very difficult to manipulate. If a person is able to control their mana, he is stronger than anyone else. For that, the ability of the people that have used magic for ten thousand years is not bad. If they aren’t capable of controlling the mana, the power of the magic they have used for ten thousand years will be reduced. At the time when those people are born in this world, their ability to manipulate the mana will naturally become weak. Even if we consider the people that are born right after the extinction of human culture, they are just a drop in their bucket. In other words, in only a certain period of time, there will be no one able to control mana using this world. When these people enter the battlefield, a miracle will happen to their magic power. In that period of time, they will find many methods that they cannot control. Even if they were able to control mana and not be affected by damage, they would probably fall in the battle and be killed. In that period of time, it is quite unlikely that the other side will be able to control that magic through magic. There will always be a need for someone to control mana. No matter how talented a person is, there will always be people able to control mana and use it in
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