What is nature magic called? – Magic Tricks With Cards Easy

You know, magic used on animals?”

“Ah, nothing! It’s called nectar!”

“That’s it? Is it?”

“No! Magic! This is the magic of nature!”

“That’s fine. There are no rules. There’s magic!”

“But is there magic? Magic of animals?”

“No, there’s magic used on things that are made by nature.”

“So it’s magic that you know. Magic, nectar, and nectar-like things?”
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“Yes. But isn’t that magic for the nectar of nature?”

“I want to know what that is called, I want to know it!”

When this girl opened her mouth wide in astonishment, Yuuto put a hand to his forehead.


(Yurika, it seems you like to ask this kind of questions)

When he thought back about it while feeling annoyed, he finally remembered.

“Umm… that’s a really good thing.”

(Yurika, you’re a very good girl. Thank you.)


(Don’t joke with me so much.)

Yurika made a cute face, with her mouth twitching, but it was a very cute face.

But the one who made her a cute face was the one who was just behind her.

“I know.”

Kamisato Kakeru.

The girl in front of Yuuto, who had been staring at him with her eyes wide open. Yuuto thought that it’s impossible, but he wanted to make a pose that showed how adorable he saw that kind of girl, so he asked her.

“Are you going to use magic to make a cute face for me?”

“Please don’t look at me like that. I’ve told you from the very start. Magic only works on things that are made by nature, and magic doesn’t work on things created by nature.”


“Yes, even magic that was used on me.”

“Then why did I feel it and why did it make you smile…”

“Ah, do you know something that you should know…”

As he smiled wryly at her, her smile started shrinking. While holding back that smile, she looked away for a moment.

“I have already learned

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