What is Teller’s first name? – Magic Tricks With Revealed

He goes by Teller, right?

Teller: Yes.

RK: You say they’re from Australia. So Teller is a man, but his wife is English, and he says “Mrs. Teller.” Where’s that name?

Teller: It’s in the book, I think?

RK: Yes, it is. I mean, I’ve read, I mean, this is pretty interesting stuff.

Teller: I don’t know if I’m into Australian folklore. It seems to me a little bit weird, as being American and Australian.

RK: Well, I think that’s the American part, not the Australia part. I think that is where they come from in many ways, if not in all ways, and not necessarily in terms of the languages. So, they have a pretty high level of intellectual sophistication, so to speak.

Teller: Yeah, absolutely. They’re very well read.

RK: And I thought you said that you had them in your imagination, right?

Teller: Well, I thought the story was pretty interesting, I guess.

RK: That is what I thought. Well, as an aside, I was talking to an agent one day and I asked her about what her clients liked about you. And she said that they were interested in what kind of stories did you have to tell, because they’d be more familiar with the kind of stories you were telling.

Teller: That’s right, I remember that, too.

RK: Well, I’m interested because in all of your books, and in this, I think, you guys have a very good idea in your mind of the type of person you really are. Do you consider yourself a sort of the hero of your book. I’m thinking, “Well, do you actually feel like it or…?” Or is it like you are the narrator, and the reader just knows?

Teller: Not exactly? There has been a bit of a…it’s like when you get the feeling of this hero, you know, “Yes! I’m a hero!” So I think there’s a real…well, there’s a lot of the author saying to the readers, I think there’s a realism in the characters and the environment that make it a real world, and it’s just like a beautiful story. It’s just really, really cool.

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