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Why are you asking me?”

“Of course… Of course that’s not important.”

“Yes, it’s not.”

Hiratsuka said that. This was not important.

The reason I was summoned to this world was important.

The reason why she was here at this time was important.

Even if it was just a wish, an idea that was something that was to be done, to be the most beautiful girl that I could imagine, it would be something that I wanted.

“I’ll do it.”


“That’s what I do. If it’s just a wish, something that I want, I’ll do it, and do it even if I die, even if I do something that’s unforgivable to myself and family, if I can only see that kind of person… I won’t hesitate. If there’s anything I can bring, I’ll bring it. Even if we don’t know if it’s worth it, I believe I’ll do it if I have to. Even if it means the end of my life.”


She smiled widely. She was saying that even if the person making the wish does not know her intentions well, she believes that all of that was for the sake of others.

That’s why she will do it, even without thinking.

If that’s the case, I won’t have any regrets.

“The person making a wish is in the same state as myself. It’s nothing special.”

The other girl smiled back, looking at me.

“…Well, I’ll say it once, but that wish you made to me in a dream, is… That wish.”


I don’t know it now.

But I’m sure… That’s what she meant.


I asked her the same thing.

Even if I didn’t ask a specific person, I should’ve asked her too. She wanted to help me.


I had no reason to think like that.

Since all I had was our wish, she might have wanted me to help her in the same way.

…I can still say that.

But if she had a particular reason to say those things, it was because she truly cared about others as a girl.

Maybe she couldn’t put it in words if she were to

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