Which country is famous for black magic?

France – you’ve already seen that we’re all well acquainted with it, so all the more reason to tell us more about it.”

Harry glanced around the room. All the people were talking about it, but no one could find the right answer. How about France? Harry tried that. “Well, we are all well-acquainted with black magic from the reports. Why don’t you think of the various people here in England, all of whom claim to have some sort of black magic. I mean, do you think they’re all from France?”

No one would have a clue, but everyone had heard of the legend of Black Tom, and they knew that people in France were known to have supernatural abilities. Of course he would just need to find an authority in France on the subject. And his teacher Dumbledore was not too far behind. “So we’re going to put France on the list. French is very well-known for black magic. Now, who is the most famous person you’ve heard of for having black magic? Is it you, Mr. Potter?”

The headmaster was leaning back in his chair. “Well, one of the most famous men I know is a witch named Elphaba, who became famous for her great talent for black magic. Yes, she’s one of the most famous wizards in the world today.”

Harry nodded at that, and he would tell Dumbledore the story of what happened to her. He might know everything there was to know about her, and that might save him some time. “So, what is black magic?”

Dumbledore looked at the book he was reading. “Black magic is a spell which can make its victim invisible, and it also changes the shape and speed of its victims. A large number of people believe it is impossible, yet many people have been touched by it. In fact, this was one of the reasons why most witches and wizards in France would rather die than see an invisible person.

“It has been used for centuries, to great benefit, by both wizard and witch. Since ancient times, this spell has been used to bring one or many people to life so they can be hunted for their magic.” He turned back to the book, trying to look at something in it, “However,” he said. “You can’t learn dark magic from textbooks, and if you are a witch or wizard or half-blood, you won’t find a book on magic that does not mention black magic. Most