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The majority of humans are bipedal (both upright and walking) with the main exception being two small primates. The two primate species that are bipedal in nature are Macaca fascicularis, which is the chimpanzee and gorilla, and Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus, which are the gorilla and orangutan. All of these animals require the use of the trunk for both running and walking, which have many similarities. Because of this, we humans use the forearm first and then our hands.

Climbers, hikers and bikers are already getting to know Mount Everest, which towers some 6,848 feet above sea level.

But there’s a lot people still don’t understand: The mountain is just a giant ball of ice. It’s one of the world’s densest and most stable glaciers, and it’s still a very unpredictable phenomenon.

The sheer size and strength of this mass makes it tough to climb. Most climbers are either experienced mountaineers or have already climbed Mount Everest a few times. They also tend to prefer big mountains to smaller ones, because they want to see their picturesque home. The average American isn’t about to brave a huge mountain, but it’s still nice for someone living in the USA to feel that there are more big mountains in the world.

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Yet it can be easy to get carried away climbing high. This is particularly true if you’re tired. Even experienced mountaineers have their own personal limits of endurance they can hold out for. As a guide, you might also have to rely on your stamina or physical strength for your own survival.

The most famous and iconic experience climbing Everest comes from the expedition to the summit of Patagonia in 2003. Two of those three climbers had been in the field for years and were already experienced but this mission was their first. Their combined strength and endurance was so strong they pushed their limits and had to leave their sleeping bags and food on the mountain. The next morning, they were back at base camp. They’d done it.

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It took another three years of climbing, the completion of the mountain, and multiple dangerous ascents for them to reach the summit. But they didn’t have to push their limits. The first three months of their trip would be spent on base camp and their physical strength and endurance held them in

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