Are artists brains different? – Teach Yourself Art

Yes. The majority of artists I have personally discussed how creative they are. This is because I think there is no one brain type that makes artists unique, just a combination of various brain types. All artists have a similar brain (which is a huge component of creativity). However, how to actually measure creativity can be a challenge. The main issue is that everyone does not use the same scientific methods as scientists in assessing creativity, leading to different findings.

I’ve mentioned this before, so I’ll reiterate: creativity is the most important factor when it comes to determining whether an artist is good, and when it comes to determining if an artist is an excellent artist or a poor artist. You can’t really blame anyone for not following these scientific methods.

2. Can an artist be “overly creative”?

This is another important question that you can ask, although many artists are just as creative as other people. For example: the world needs more “overly creative” artists. However, I would like to add to this question: can an artist over-react on something he thinks is important, or are there more important things that he should be focusing on? The key is: the more creative an artist is, the more he can create.

You can’t overthink something you believe in and that will not go well – it will go wrong. So: do not over-think a project. If you try, it will probably seem crazy or bad to someone who only knows you. That says nothing about creativity though.

3. Is an art career “good for me”?

Yes! In my opinion, artists are better than other people at achieving personal freedom and being fully and creatively alive.

However, to achieve these freedoms, art artists need to be able to be creative without getting hurt. For example, an excellent artist has to be able to do whatever is necessary. He/she must be capable of doing that – if a project is too big and demanding. The more creative you are, the more you can do. (Don’t forget that creativity is a human aspect as well, not a physical thing that can’t be altered by a good mind!).

If you are a very creative artist (you just aren’t creative enough for you personally!) and you have never met any experts, I suggest you to check out some of the best independent artists.

5. I saw a good artist. Could I be a good artist?

Absolutely! There are several

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