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If you are thinking “draw, draw!” and get an image that looks like it is on the back screen, you need to learn to draw. It will come naturally in time, as you do it. (Just for a reference, if you are looking for it, my picture is on the bottom of the board just above the question) A lot more time will pass before you can really use your skills to get a better sense of how to use them. I am not sure that you can draw a whole picture at 1.5 seconds, with pencil and paper, just like I can’t do a drawing like my picture on the top of the page. Once I could do the drawing, I would do the rest with just the tips I knew from that drawing. Here is a list of my favorite drawing skills I have mastered and what it takes to learn them:

1. Use the line on the top of the sheet

2. Add a couple of strokes, make the lines thicker

3. Draw a very simple shape, the size of the image

4. Move from top to bottom (sometimes you can move it in the same direction)

5. Move lines to one side, move them to the other side.

6. Using the line, draw a very simple shape, the size of it

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7. Move the object on the sheet away from the surface of the paper for a better drawing.

8. Drawing shapes is the biggest part of drawing, and your hands are the greatest tools to get a better sense of how to handle it. You can start with a straight line and then move away. Drawing a circle is the hardest part to do. Keep it simple. The harder you try it, the more you get it right. If it takes you a few moments of trying just to find something to look at and it’s not working well, then, it is because your drawing technique is weak.

9. Move lines to one side, move them to the other side.

10. Draw a circle a few times

11. Draw a simple shape.

12. Draw an object that you see and make it very simple

What is a simple shape?

There are 2 ways that we draw a simple shape. Most of the time, we draw a circle. That is the easiest shape to draw because it has a straight line. You start with a straight line and change the direction, make lines thick or

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