How do I find my art style? – Online Art Lessons For Teens

Find an art gallery. Find an art teacher or art critic with whom you’re comfortable. Find a creative project.

For examples of art from different people in different genres, see There are many more art galleries out there, so check out your favorite.

How do I get some practice?

Get a pencil or canvas and a pen. Draw what you enjoy, and draw it quickly. For example: a flower, a drawing of a flower, or an object that doesn’t have any visual interest – like a rock or a picture of a tree or a picture of an airplane or a picture of a dog. Be adventurous.

Draw freely!

Your child might get frustrated if he takes too long. Be a good disciplinarian!

When to use a pencil on dry paper only

To see how your child uses a pencil on dry paper, watch a short video. This video was made for preschoolers (age 8 to 12) and shows a child drawing with a pencil on a board. His pencil tip stays on the board, not on the paper.

On moist paper

Using a pencil on dry paper is different from drawing on moist paper: the “skin” of the paper is moist and you can feel your child’s brush stroke as it flows through the paper.

For example, if you have three dry sheets of paper on your work surface, you can use just one pencil to see how your child draws on each one. If you have three sheets of moist paper on your work surface, you’ll have more experience with wet ink.

When to use a wet ink (on dry paper)

It all depends on how moist the paper is. If you’re using the damp paper to paint with, it’s okay to use wet ink: It will help your child understand colors and that his drawing should be very smooth. If you’re using the wet paper after drying your brush, keep it wet.

When to use a sticky paint (on wet paper)

Wet paint is not generally appropriate: your child might get frustrated if he takes too long. It should be dry.

For example: a sticky paint that stays put when you try to move on it, like wet paint or a sticky ball that’s sticky but can be removed with a rag in water.

When to use a dry paint (on wet paper)

Using both wet and dry paint will help your child

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