Can Drawing be learned? – Virtual Painting Class

Yes, your goal should be learning to draw.

Can You Get Into a College Studio to Get Better at Drawing?

Yes, the studio is open and the cost is about $40 per hour.

Is College Comfortable?

If you are young, in college or just going to college your comfort level will certainly vary, but here is some information from the US Department of Education on the importance of “college readiness,”

“In general college preparedness measures examine the readiness of students for college and career based study. These measures include: academic preparation and completion, general academic achievement, general learning and intellectual capacity, and job readiness and experience. College readiness measures take into account a student’s educational status, race, religion, gender, disability, age, and grade point average. The goals are to establish a broad baseline to provide a basis for comparisons across students.”

Are There Any Good Resources I Can Use?

There are some good resources out there, as a reminder here are a few ideas listed on some websites of interest:

I can’t draw…I have a very hard time learning.

Yes, it may be that you have the talent! The problem is the lack of time. There are no easy ways to learn. I would like to learn, but my life is a lot more challenging.

Can You Draw?

Yes, drawing is an art form. And if you are young, can you afford to take an art classes at school?

Yes, but can you afford to pay?


Yes, if you can, of course, but if that is not possible consider finding someone that is more affordable, they will not have the same time, or are willing to take on extra classes.

Can You Draw?

Yes. I can do it. The difficulty will depend upon your goals.

Can You Draw?

Yes, it may be that you have the talent! The problem is the lack of time. There are no easy ways to learn.

Are There Any Good Resources Out There?

Yes, I can find them on some websites.

Do You Need a Tutor?

Yes, I do use a tutor. She takes me through a lot of material.

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